Langedrag HouseKeeping - FAQ

Do you have your own equipment?
Yes, we are working with high quality equipment to provide our customers with top service.
Do you have ECO products, because we have children and pets?
Yes, all our products are ECO certified and we use them at no additional cost.
How often do you change mops and microfiber cloths?
Cleaning materials are treated and changed after every customer visit. We take your house hygiene very seriously.
Do you have insurance?
Yes, all our employees have insurance, as well as we have insured any damage that can accidentally occur.
Does someone need to be present during the cleaning?
Whether or not you are present during your cleaning appointment is up to you! When ordering cleaning you can give us the entry instructions – hand us extra key, or leave the key with the neighbor, there is no need for you to be home. Or feel free to stick around during the cleaning. Whatever you are most comfortable with is fine with us!
What is the notice period for visit cancelation?
We would like you to inform us on any changes 3 days prior to the scheduled visit. In case changes are made later, 50% invoicing will be applicable. We understand that there might be force major circumstances and, in that case, scheduled visit can be canceled any time and no penalty fees will be applicable.
How can I receive my invoice?
Based on your preferences, we are able to provide both electronic and paper invoices. But since we are environmentally oriented company, we would really appreciate if you would choose receiving your invoices electronically.
What are the payment terms?
Payment period is 15 days.
What is the notice period for contract cancelation?
There is no notice period. If you would like to cancel an agreement, you are able to do it anytime, at no additional cost.
How do I cancel the contract?
You are able to cancel the contract by writing to us, stating your agreement number and the cancelation date.
Is there any extra charge if we have pets?
No, we do not charge extra for pets. However, we would appreciate if you could inform us in case you have guinea pigs, because some of our team members are allergic to them.
Do you charge for transport?
We do not charge for transport within Gothenburg.
Do you provide any extra services?
Yes, our specialists are certified and can provide services like window cleaning, steam cleaning.
What if the children are home during cleaning?
It is absolutely fine with us if children or anyone else is home during the cleaning.
What are your customer service hours?
Our customer services hours are from 08:00 – 19:00 on working days, and from 10:00 – 15:00 on weekdays.
How do I book a cleaning?
You can book cleaning using our contact form or by getting in touch with us via e-mail or phone.
What areas of Gothenburg do you cover?
We provide our services in the entire Gothenburg. We can go even further for the special requests. Contact us to require cleaning outside Gothenburg.
Will I always have the same housekeeper?
Yes, we appoint the same housekeeper to each house.
How many housekeepers will take care of my home?
We work in teams of two. It is faster and more efficient that way. Say you need 5 hours cleaning at your house. Our team of two will do it in 2,5 hours.
Do you provide ironing and laundry services?
No, we do not provide such services at the moment.
Do you provide gardening services?
No, we do not provide such services at the moment.
Do you clean Airbnb properties?
No, we do not clean Airbnb properties.
How can I meet you in person?
Very easy – order a free home visit and we will arrive to you, or schedule a meeting with us in our office in Langedrag.
How do you organize access to my house?
There are many ways we can do that. You can hand us an extra key from your property (of course before that we will sign nyckelkvittens), or you can be present when we come, so you let us in, or you can leave the keys with the neighbor. Contact us for more information.
Confidentiality / sensitive information at home
At Langedrag Housekeeping we ensure, that anything we come across or anything that happens at your home, stays at your home.
How can I get my keys back?
Just get in touch with us and we will ensure you receive your key within 24 hours.
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