Langedrag HouseKeeping - Our measures against COVID-19

Our measures against COVID-19

Our measures against COVID-19

Långedrag Housekeeping has adopted several additional measures to protect our customers and employees.

We are monitoring the situation carefully and have allocated additional resources and adopted a number of extra measures to provide safest services to our customers as well as safest possible working environment to our employees. 

To protect our employees and customers and to reduce the risk of spreading infection, we take the situation very seriously and are continually evaluating our processes.

In response to the current situation, apart from our usual disinfection and hygiene routines, we have implemented a series of additional cautionary measures. Below you can find the highlights of our usual and additional hygiene routines:

  • All our employees at all times use protective equipment such as face masks and disposable gloves when working at customer houses.
  • Our equipment is disinfected after each customer visit, using a product that is certified to kill 99.9% of germs.
  • Our cleaning materials are treated after each visit in three step process: 1. Pre-washed with professional high-grade disinfecting microfiber detergent 2. Washed with professional detergent in minimum 60 degrees 3. Treated with steam. 
  • Only company cars are used when going to the customers. Our vehicles are disinfected daily. By using company cars we take away burden from public transport and provide safer work environment to our employees.
  • All our cars and office spaces are supplied with hand sanitizer.
  • All our employees must at all times observe social distancing of 1,5 m from anyone in the property.
  • All of our employees have been directed to maintain proper hand hygiene and follow guidelines and recommendations from the Public Health Agency and other authorities.
  • Check health of all employees daily and at the first sign of the slightest symptom employees stay home in order minimize the risk of infecting others
  • All employees are supplied with hand sanitizers and face masks and are urged to use them even during their free from work time.
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