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Regular cleaning is our most popular type of service. When signing Regular cleaning agreement, you sign up for a regular cleaning of your house with a fixed frequency, number of cleaning hours, cleaning day and time. Your house is cleaned by two our professional housekeepers. Same persons will take care of your house each time.

We provide cleaning with three basic frequencies – weekly, biweekly and monthly. Number of hours needed for the cleaning our house is determined upon the free home visit, where we discuss your needs and wishes, as well as get to know the house and its specialties. We inspect the specialty materials such as natural stone, marble, untreated wood, antique wood etc, so that when we come cleaning we have all the necessary cleaning detergents for the respective materials.

275 SEK/h275 SEK/h250 SEK/h
Window cleaning from 1200 SEKWindow cleaning from 900 SEKWindow cleaning from 600 SEK

*All prices after RUT deductions

Deep house cleaning is a deep cleaning of the house. We recommend to order Deep house cleaning before starting a Regular cleaning in case you did not have a cleaning company, had one and were not satisfied with the quality, or house was not cleaned for more than six months. Our professional housekeepers will make sure that after Deep house cleaning your house is as clean as never before. Window cleaning is not included and can be ordered separately.

Price for Deep house cleaning is fixed per m2 and starts from 23 SEK/m2. No additional costs.

*All prices after RUT deductions

You packed all the dishes, took out the furniture and now it is time to make your estate prepared for the new owners. We are here to help. Our professional housekeepers will make sure that new owners will move into shiny and clean property. Window cleaning is included.

Price for Move out cleaning is fixed per m2 and starts from 28 SEK/m2. Additional material costs are 70 SEK.

*All prices after RUT deductions

Our office cleaning services will keep your place looking fresh year-round, allowing your team to focus on what is important. We provide all the necessary cleaning equipment and detergents at no extra cost.

Price for office cleaning is 320 SEK/h (excl. VAT).

Our Regular cleaning customers get very attractive deals for window cleaning - starting with 900 SEK.

Prices for our non Regular cleaning customers are the following: Window side without bars: 15 SEK/side, Window side with bars: 30 SEK/side, Windows large (1,2m x 1,2m): 30 SEK/side. Minimal order: 1200 SEK. Frame washing is not included.

Oh, and did you notice? No extra costs for ladders, telescopic poles or other equipment. You don’t have to worry about anything, as we always have everything with us, so that we can reach even the unreachable windows.

*All prices after RUT deductions

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