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Our Team
CEO and Owner
Born leader, passionate developer, financial guru and now happy, free-spirited person, doing what she loves – travelling, preparing for ultra run and living her best life!

Julija has 9-year experience in financial field and holds Master’s degree in Finance. Julija is responsible for accounting and financial administration, as well as customer relations. If you call us, that’s Julija who you will be talking to.

Julija speaks: Swedish, English, Russian, Latvian.
Premium Housekeeper
Hej! My name is Emily from southern part of Philippines. Mother of 3 teenagers.

I can speak english, arabic and swedish and 4 local dialects from my country.

Driving motorcycle is my passion.

I always believe that in every problem there is a solution.
If your not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.
Premium Housekeeper
Hi! My name is Nicola and I come from England, I have been living in Sweden for almost five years and I love the lifestyle here, especially the diverse culture in Gothenburg.

I believe in treating people and their belongings how I want to be treated and how I want my belongings to be treated: with care and respect.

I’m a social and happy person and a big lover of animals, especially dogs and cats! I have an Instagram account for my bengal cat Teacups @teacupsthebengal and also for my "hobby" photography @nicolaforrestphotography.
Creative mind, visionary team player, pirate of the seven seas (7-year experience in maritime industry) and easy to talk guy.

Denis holds Master’s Degree in Finance and a self-awarded Doctor’s degree in Creativity studies- this web page is one of the proofs.

Denis speaks: Swedish, English, Russian, Latvian.