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Our Team
CEO and Owner
Born leader, passionate developer, financial guru and now happy, free-spirited person, doing what she loves – travelling, preparing for ultra run and living her best life!

Julija has 9-year experience in financial field and holds Master’s degree in Finance. Julija is responsible for accounting and financial administration, as well as customer relations. If you call us, that’s Julija who you will be talking to.
Creative mind, visionary team player, pirate of the seven seas (7-year experience in maritime industry) and easy to talk guy.

Denis holds Master’s Degree in Finance and a self-awarded Doctor’s degree in Creativity studies- this web page is one of the proofs.
Senion Housekeeper
Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is Kristina, I am from Lithuania. My strengths are punctuality, hard work, focus to do the work and positive attitude towards work.

My hobbies are playing table games and listening to history on YouTube.
Premium Housekeeper
My name is Nízia and I am from Angola.

I have lived in Ireland and Portugal, now I want to explore Sweden! I like to travel, meet new people and in my free time I go hiking, cook and bake.

I am a committed, focused person with big goals for the future!
Premium housekeeper
My name is Karolina and I am a young Lithuanian girl that is grownup in Gothenburg. In 2020 I graduated high school and directly stepped into the working life with hopes and dreams for the future!

Positive energy, charm and order is something Karolina is great at! Always working hard to reach all goals.

Outside of workplace is Karolina a mix of everything. Music, nature, travel, sports is something that she never skips in her free time.
Premium Housekeeper
Hello everyone!

I am Egle, came from Lithuania. I lived in Stockholm and now it’s time to explore Gothenburg!

My hobbies are traveling, camping, hiking, cooking and trying something new (it can be something extreme).
I am friendly, communicative, responsible and determined.

I hope to see you soon!
Premium Housekeeper
Hello, my name is Dragica and I come from Macedonia.

I consider myself a persistent person above all and a person who takes care of herself and everyone around me.

I respect everyone who respects me and I always help when someone needs me. Shy person and modest yes that's me, but still when it comes to the situation of singing then the shyness disappears
Premium Housekeeper
Hello! I am Marta, I am from Poland.

I have lived in Gothenburg for 11 years. I am smiling person, full of energy!
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